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Sava Dunes is a luxury, eco-friendly destination encouraging the "Travel with Purpose" ethos

Travel with Purpose

Travel with Purpose is to encourage travellers to derive meaning from their travel experience, while ultimately gaining an awareness of community and surrounds. Travel with Purpose is a global movement that encourages individuals to take away something profound from their experience, and to give back to the country they visit.

There are many ways to adopt this method of travelling, which can include anything from only staying at eco-friendly accommodations, buying and eating local, donating to communities, immersing oneself in activities that ensure you become part of the environment, and ultimately walking away with an experience and wider understanding of the world as opposed to surface level travel.

Sava Dunes is the ideal choice of lodge in Mozambique because of its profound contribution to the world of eco tourism. A perfect place that offers a sense of luxury combined with minimal impact on the environment. The team is actively involved in preserving their environment and encourages others to adopt a conservation attitude. 


How Are We Eco-Friendly?

  • The lodge runs on solar power and has solar geysers.
  • Borehole water is used.
  • Eggs are collected from chickens on the property.
  • There's a vegetable patch, which ensures farm-to-table fare. 
  • Sava Dunes is completely “off the grid”.
  • Team Sava regularly takes part in beach clean-ups.
  • Hessian bags are provided for guests wishing to assist in beach clean-ups. The bags are neatly placed in a basket in the lounge area.
  • Because the lodge is off-the-grid, there aren’t any kettles in the room, but there is the option to have fresh coffee delivered to your room.

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