Diving or relaxing, you choose

Something for all

There are plenty of beach and sea based activities in the immediate area. Sava Dunes provides the ideal spot to explore your surrounds, and day tours/activities can be arranged upon arrival at the lodge.

Sava Dunes works closely with local operators to deliver a wealth of activity options to guests. Guests have the option of enjoying a jam-packed, activity based holiday or they can simply choose to relax at the lodge.

From the comfort of the lodge it's entirely possible to spot dolphins and humpback whales breaching during season.

The neighbouring estuary provides the perfect conditions for snorkelling. Species to spot include : seahorses, star fish, puffer fish and sea cucumbers. The beach in front of the lodge has a small wave ideal for bodyboarding.

For more intense ocean and beach activities, guests can enjoy big game fishing, ocean safaris in boats, diving, kayaking and even horse riding.

Ocean Experiences

Daily Schedule

There is no set daily schedule. Sava is a beach retreat and all activities are optional. Below are a few examples of the activities that can be organised from the lodge.

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